Synergy Automation Inc.


Our Vision: Integration Simplified



Synergy Automation has the skills and depth of knowledge to design, install, commission and warrant electric, electronic and pneumatic temperature control systems, from stand-alone control systems controlling unitary HVAC equipment with less than a 100 points to large high-speed facility management systems controlling central chilled and hot water systems with multiple air-handling and terminal units with over 30,000 points.

Synergy Automation has performed numerous energy audits leading to implementation of various energy conservation measures (ECMs). The audits identified the feasibility of each ECM based upon the return on investment, from upgrading and retrofitting existing commercial buildings with state-of-the-art energy management and HVAC systems to implementing energy management control strategies and simplified control functions.

Synergy Automation provides integration solutions in the use of open protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, LonWorks, ModBus, CAB, BACnet and many more. System integration can include boiler and chiller control systems, HVAC equipment interface, lighting systems, fire alarm, smoke control, laboratory fume hood control, security systems, card access, video, web-based functions and special applications, products and systems.

With HVAC, Access and Lighting control products and systems that lead the industry, Synergy Automation delivers the best experience to the customer.
Coupled with our business commitment we deliver the world’s first fully integrated native BACnet building automated control solution. While many companies claim the delivery of facilities management solutions, Synergy Automation differentiates itself from the competition by providing these solutions in a simplified style.
For the building owner, we deliver seamless HVAC, Access, and Lighting products, single source responsibility and service, and a lower install and operational cost.
For the building operator, we deliver single seat operation and the need to know one system resulting in ease of management and manpower optimization.




Synergy Automation is a Reliable Controls Authorized Partner.

Reliable prides itself in having the world’s first fully integrated system of native BACnet controllers for HVAC, Access and Lighting Control. This integrated suite of seamless native BACnet control products delivers a Simplified top-to-bottom native BACnet architecture from sensor thermostat to system controller.

Reliable’s Operation Workstation Software and web interface offer a single seat solution for the operator and facility manager alike, be it in a single building, a campus environment or remote across the world overseeing of facilities and operations.

For the Building Owner, Relibale delivers seamless HVAC, Access and Lighting control products, single source responsibility and service, and lowered install and operational cost.

For the Building Operator, Reliable delivers single seat operation and the need to know one system with a common front end on HVAC, Access and Lighting Control systems.

With projects in over 35 Countries and 6 Continents, Reliable is a global leader in building automation controls, systems and solutions. Reliable sets the standard for building comfort management while optimizing facilities performance.